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Pirate Century Reloaded

“Ahoy Pirates! Sail with us now.
for Victory & Glory and golden mermaid tears!”


Courage Mateys. Now you can be top dog on your very own level 10 treasure island in no time at all. Let the winds of war buffet your sails. We have eliminated troop desertion. No limits!

Set loose your mighty fleets. Conquer island after island. Lay siege to legendary pirate captains and be one of the first to win the invisible pearl at the mermaid lagoon!

Be a Pirate. Join the brotherhood now!

August 15th 2013 we will RELAUNCH Pirate Century!

This means that the server will be down for a longer time and we will change a lot of stuff:
new graphic style, reducing the slotsystem, events, incredible cheap ruby prices and a lot more!

Ya Pirate Century Black Hounds Brotherhood Aye