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Game Info

Pirate Century is a chaos browser game in a Caribbean setting, where Pirates were feared the most.

Now read this text Matey!

We have stripped Pirate Century of all time consuming features you may know from other browser games – build your treasure island in no time to level 10!
Build vast amounts of troops : there is no troop desertion!
No need anymore for endless boring farming: we have made it possible to buy millions of resources for just cents.
Jump your islands wherever you want to be – win huge prizes by spinning the wheel – enter the Quest for the invisible pearl and much more.

This game is a Mutiny of sorts !
Trying to break with the all too well known browser game strategy,
we are releasing total and utter chaos on the battlefield on server OCEAN 1!
You’ll have the fun you always wanted in epic battles you have never seen !

Build fast – fight hard – become a Pirate –
You know you are one!