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I have a problem! How can I contact the Pirate Century Support?
Write an e-mail to: and try to send us as much information as possible, ideally with accompanying screenshots.

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Beginner’s protection
For their first seventh days in Pirate Century, every player will find themselves under beginner’s protection. This means that it is not possible to attack other players, and in turn that you cannot be attacked by others. The only exceptions to this rule are renegade Pirate’s coves, which can be attacked despite beginner’s protection.

If you feel the urge to attack other players while under beginner’s protection, you can deactivate the Peace Dove buff at any time. After clicking on the buff icon beside the resource display, you will be asked if you wish to end the attack protection. . If you answer “Yes” to this question, your protection will expire and you will once again be able to do what you want. Following the expiration of your beginner’s protection, if you still do not want to be attacked, you can purchase and activate a Peace Dove from the Item Shop.

I keep getting looted by the same player. How can I defend myself?
You can send a friendly message asking the player to reduce or completely stop the attacks. In many cases, attackers don’t mean any harm and only want to obtain a few resources, and a friendly message is all that it takes.

Another option is to join a pirate pact or to find new friends, who may also be having the same problem with this attacker. In doing so, you can team up to build a strong defense and defeat their attack troops, or perhaps even start an attack yourselves. If all of this is of no avail, you still have the option of purchasing a Peace Dove in the Item Shop. This will stop anybody from attacking you, but in turn you won’t be able to attack others either.

Another player insulted me. What can I do now?
If another player is insulting you, write a message to the Support ( including the player name, time of the incident and a screenshot.

How can I settle a new island?
To settle a new island you have to meet certain conditions:
– Pirate’s nest level 7
– Dive bar level 7
– Dock yard level 1
– aplenty of resources
– a Colony Ship

If you fulfill all these requirements the next step is to attack and conquer a new island.